Ball and Ball


    Welcome to the website of Ball and Ball. BNB-LP was formed to provide quality web hosting and Usenet services.  If you're looking for quality service at a price that's affordable, you've come to the right place.

    For our Usenet service, we use the Dnews server software. Our service is aimed at the user who wishes to participate in Usenet discussion groups. If it's porn, warez, or mp3 files you're looking for, we're not the choice for you. If it's a fast server with decent retention and good spam filtering, we're the choice for you. We try to make our service family friendly.

     We provide Linux based web hosting. Our servers have Frontpage extensions, MySQL, Perl, and PHP installed. We do NOT host adult sites, hate speech sites, gambling sites, warez sites, mp3 sites or anything which contains illegal content. We have a strict anti-Spam, Anti- Unsolicited Commercial Email policy.

   We hope you'll consider us for your hosting needs. We can't claim 100,000 customers like the large services, but if it's quality service from someone who cares about their customers, you've found the right place :-)

Notice: Spamming to or from California e-mail service providers against their policy is now a civil offense under California Business and Professions Code Section 17538.45. The sending of any unsolicited email advertising messages to this domain will result in the imposition of civil liability against you in accordance with Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code Section 17538.45.

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